Press Release


Puzzle King is here to inspire the world, piece by piece.

Irish games development firm, AmpFork, has announced the immediate release of Puzzle King for Apple iOS devices. With generous charity donations and no advertisements ever, Puzzle King creates a bigger and brighter picture for everyone to enjoy.

More than another puzzle app, Puzzle King seeks to inspire the world through art, photography, and the spirit of charity. This app combines fantastic gameplay and beautiful imagery with an honest and heartfelt appeal to make the world a better place. 

After seeing his beloved gran struggle with existing puzzle apps, Puzzle King’s founder saw an exciting opportunity to create something better and make a difference along the way. While jigsaw puzzles are back in fashion, the traditional puzzle market has been ready for an upgrade for quite some time. 

Puzzle King looks and feels just like the puzzles you know and love – only better!

Since starting the development process, the people behind Puzzle King have learned so much about puzzles, and the people who love them. This app doesn’t use boring stock images; it works alongside talented photographers, artists, brands, and celebrities to bring beautiful new images to life. After all, if you’re going to be relaxing in front of a puzzle for hours, you deserve to be inspired.

Puzzle gameplay has also been enhanced, including a super zoom feature with multitouch gesture support, and a unique rotate mode when you need an extra challenge. 

With Puzzle King, you can forget about the day-to-day and get lost in the bigger picture.

Despite advances in puzzle images and gameplay, the single most wonderful thing about Puzzle King is its unique integration with charities around the world. This app is free to download, with a percentage of every in-app purchase you make donated to a related charity in your country. For example, if you buy a “dogs” add-on pack, AmpFork will donate to a domestic dogs trust.

The team behind Puzzle King is rightfully proud of this wonderful feature and offers complete transparency surrounding all donations. Whether you’re a curious puzzle newbie or a seasoned jigsaw expert, Puzzle King promises to disrupt the market by offering something new, and doing something positive for the world. 

Welcome. Enjoy the game. Inspire the world and discover the bigger picture, piece by piece.

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